Does He Love Me Quiz - Boyfriend Test

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Have you got a boyfriend? Falling love is a beautiful thing but do you know your boyfriend really loves you? Take this love quiz and find out:

We are sorry to say, no one can give you the guaranteed way to know your boyfriend truly loves you. But there are some signs to notice in order to figure out what is going on in your boyfriend's mind. we created this short love quiz based on those signs. so by taking this test, you will get some idea of the love of that person whom you love.

How long have you been dating?

A couple of years
A year
Couple of months
A week

How often do you text?

When need

Has he told you he loves you?

Yes, all the time
No, never
No, but i think he might
Only after i've said it first

Does he mess up a lot when he talks to you?

Yes it's so cute

What would he describe you to other people?

My beautiful girlfriend
My girlfriend
Your name
My close friend

Does he flirt with other girls?

No he would never!
All the time
Don't know

How long have you been together?

1 or 2 weeks
A month
A couple of months
Almost a year

How does he treat you?

Sometimes he's a jerk
He's really lovely
He's shy
It's hard to tell

Have you kissed?

We kiss all the time
No, not yet
Once or twice
We will

How often does he buy you gifts?

Once per week
Once per day
Pnce per month

Does he ever stroke/play with your hair?

All the time
Now and again

When he walks by you, with his friends, what does he do?

Ignores you
Stops and says hi
Smiles and winks
Glances over quickly
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