Which Stranger Things Character Are You? Super Quiz

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Isolategame presents which stranger things character are you. Stranger Things is one of the most popular television series on Netflix which released in July 2016. The Duffer Brothers created this stranger things television format.

In stranger things, you got drama, romance, comedy also monsters which make this show more enjoyable. But the best thing is it,s got a lot' of strongest characters. Some of them are lovable some are likable and maybe some not so likable also. All stranger things character plays different roles with a different personality.

So, from all of the stranger things character which one you most like. which character from stranger things reasonably most match with your personality. Play this stranger things quiz and test which stranger are you?

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Facing monsters is kinda your gig. No big deal. So tell us, which one of these cinematic monsters scares you the most?

Gwoemul from "The Host"
The Shark from "Jaws"
Xenomorph from "Alien"
Smara from "The Ring"

Pick a Dungeons & Dragons classic....


Which adult do you trust most?

Jim Hopper
Joyce Byers
Steve Harrington

"What can you usually be found wearing?

All black
A uniform
A dress
Something cool and comfy

How do you like to relax?

There's no rest for the wicked
Hang with my friends
Have a beer or three

How do you show people you care?

I don't
I keep my promises
I give thoughtful gifts
I'd do anything for them

How do you handle tough situations?

I fight
I scream
I drink some more
i take a long fast drive

Would you ever kill someone?

I don't know

Do you believe in monsters?

Yes, absolutely!
I believe monsters come in many different forms
I don't know

The Demogorgon is coming right at you. You...

Find a safe place to hide
Distract it with a quip
Shoot at it with a wrist rocket
Come up with a plan to catch it off-guard

Which quote totally speaks to you

Friends don't lie
I wanna finish what we started
When do you feel good about anything
If anyone asks where i am, I've left the country

What clique would you probably belong to?

Smart Kids

"Which character are you most attracted to?

None of them

Which best describes your flirting style?

Smoth Af
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